1. What is a Shota?

    For the purposes of this site and the rule below, stating that all art content must contain at least one "shota" character, a shota is defined as:
    a fictional character with the appearance of a male child (boy) and an assumed age no greater than 15 years.

    The following do not count as a "shota":

    • Any male character with an assumed age (based on appearance and physical development) greater than 15 years old.
    • Any female character, regardless of age.

    In art, age may be unclear and highly subjective. For the purposes of this site, a character's age and "shota-ness" is determined almost entirely based on appearance.

    ShotaWorld staff reserve the right to remove any content they deem to not include a shota character based on this rule.

  1. Age Requirements
    All users must be 18 years of age to use this site.

    If you are not at least 18 years old, please come back when you are.

    Any registered member who is determined to be under 18 years of age will be banned. The ban may be lifted once the user has turned 18.
  2. Account Restrictions
    • Each person may have up to 1 user account on ShotaWorld.
    • You may not create "alt" accounts or share your account with any other person, especially a person who is ineligible for their own account due to age restrictions, a suspension or ban, legal reasons, or any other reason.
    • Usernames may not be gibberish.
    • Usernames may not attempt to impersonate any other user, staff member, or role (e.g. moderator, admin, etc.)
  3. Ban Circumvention
    You may not create an additional account to circumvent a ban, whether it was temporary or permanent. You also may not use another user's account to access ShotaWorld while you are banned. ShotaWorld staff reserve the right to ban any user upon the first indication that they are attempting to circumvent a ban or helping someone else do the same.
  4. What to do if you are locked out of your account
    If you have forgotten your username or password and are unable to login, try using the "Forgot my password" link on the login page and follow the instructions to reset your password. If you are unable to access your account this way, please contact ShotaWorld staff and we will attempt to verify your identity and allow you to regain access to your account.
  5. GDPR and Account Deletion

    We intend to comply with data privacy laws, such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). To such ends, we will honor requests to delete personally identifiable information (PII). Contact an administrator to have your account and personally identifiable information removed from the site.

    Note: personal information does not include your threads, posts, and uploaded attachments. To prevent destroying the context of, in some cases, entire threads, we may choose to leave your posts and content associated with a "deleted username".

  6. Avatars, Signatures, and Profile Customizations
    We fully support our users' rights to express themselves and their interests using their avatar and signature, as well as customizations of their user profile page. However, we ask that all users be respectful of each other and refrain from large, flashy, animated, or potentially distasteful, grotesque, or offensive images or text.

    Please remember that signatures and avatars are visible on every post you make, and if you post several times in a single page of a topic, you and other members will need to scroll past them that many times. Distracting visuals can break concentration and flow in the topic and may cause frustration.

    ShotaWorld staff reserve the right to remove any content deemed inappropriate from avatars, signatures, and profile pages.
Content and Communication
  1. Illegal Content

    Do not post content you know to be illegal.

    We realize that the law may vary from place to place, but use common sense. Even if something is legal where you live, it may be illegal from our web host's perspective, or may be illegal for some or most other users.

    ShotaWorld staff reserve full discretion and final say on what may and may not be posted on this website. We also reserve the right to remove anything we feel may pose a danger to our site or our users due to being illegal.

    Child Pornography, Child Erotica, and any content featuring child abuse of any kind is unequivocally and expressly prohibited. You may not upload, link to, or direct other users in accessing files or websites containing that kind of content.

  2. All Content Must Contain A Shota

    Given that this site is called ShotaWorld, we expect all art posted in content sections to include and contain at least one shota character. Click Here to learn how "shota" is defined for the purposes of this rule.

    Series, sets, and comics that do not contain a shota in all frames are allowed, but the shota must be a primary character in all such works.

  3. Disallowed Content
    In addition to illegal content, the following legal content may not be posted on ShotaWorld:
    • Any content involving real minors, even legal and non-sexual/non-erotic content. This includes images, videos, and links to the same. This includes social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.), YouTube channels, Twitch streams, etc.
    • Any artwork modeled after or depicting a real, identifiable child. This includes characters portrayed by child actors in live action movies and tv shows.
    • Any artwork modeled after or depicting a real, identifiable person. This includes characters portrayed by actors in live action movies and tv shows.
    • Any artwork modeled after or depicting a real person.
    • Any artwork involving adult Woman in a sexual situation.
    • Any sexually suggestive real adult pictures (this is a shota forum).
    • Artwork featuring a shota with a woman in a sexual context.
    • Written "true story" accounts of explicit sexual abuse of a real person.
    • Written fantasies of sexual behaviors involving a real minor.
    • AI-generated 3D content
    • Legal real-life adult pornography (this is a shota forum, after all)
      • Self-posted dick pics are allowed in appropriate places, but don't post anyone else's without their permission, and no real sexual content beyond that is allowed.
    • Yaoi, hentai, or lolicon art that does not feature a shota as a primary subject of the art.
    • Any personal or private information of any person (including yourself). Do not dox any member of the community or any real life person. (Doxxing is the act of making private/personal information about another person public.) The only exception would be if you feel comfortable giving people your first name, general age, or general location. But no phone numbers, addresses, full names, etc.
    • Asking for personal details of other members - In addition to the previous rule about not releasing such information, do not solicit that type of information (including pictures or videos of them).
    • Fundraising - No GoFundMe or similar, no begging for money or using the site to raise funds for anyone else.
    • Deep web links - No Tor/onion links should be posted, even for non-illegal hidden services.
  4. Reporting Content

    Members are encouraged to use the "Report" feature to notify staff if they see content that they think violates any of these rules.

    That being said, please do not abuse the report button by reporting non-offending posts.

  5. Criminal Activities
    You may not use the ShotaWorld website or any related services or channels of communication to discuss, plan, or implicate past, present, or potential future illegal activities, especially relating to child abuse. Such discussion may be reported to appropriate parties, including your ISP, email provider, and law enforcement.

    You may not discuss or condone child abuse behaviors. In specific, expressly allowed sections, it is permitted to discuss pedophilia from both a personal and general level, including taking a pro-contact stance, as long as you do not encourage or condone the commission of any related crimes, past, present or future.
  6. Private Conversations
    Members of this site may engage in "private" messages with other members by using the "Conversations" feature.

    No communications on ShotaWorld should be considered truly private. ShotaWorld staff reserve the right and ability to view and monitor all communications made via the website, including "private" conversations. We will not be actively monitoring conversations in general, but may introduce automated (passive) monitoring, and may view conversations if we suspect a rule has been violated. Any and all rule violations committed using the Conversations feature will incur punishment just like they would on public areas of the site, and oftentimes the punishment will be harsher than breaking a rule out in the open.
  7. Official Language for Board Communication
    ShotaWorld is a diverse community with members from around the world. To ensure everyone can communicate effectively, all public communication must be in English. If you must use another language, please provide an English translation so that other users and staff members can read what you have said.
  8. Malicious Editing

    You may not maliciously edit your posts. Malicious editing is when a post is edited for reasons that do not contribute productively to the conversation. This includes deleting all content from your post (breaking the thread continuity) or editing your post to include harmful or other rulebreaking content.

  9. Where to Post
    There are several targeted sections of our forum in which content may be posted. Please make your best attempt to select the correct place to post any given content.

    ShotaWorld staff reserve the right to move any post or topic that is determined to be posted in the incorrect location.

    If you have suggestions for sections that do not yet exist, please leave a note in the Feedback and Suggestions forum.
  10. Etiquette
    All members and staff of ShotaWorld are expected to behave respectfully toward each other. In the words of pre-April 2018 Google, "Don't be evil."

    Do not:
    • Spam
    • Flame
    • Fight
    • Harrass
    • Insult
    • Stalk
    • Dox
    • or otherwise be mean
    • NO POLITICS! It just causes drama
  1. Moderation Rights
    Administrators and moderators of ShotaWorld have full discretion and final say in all matters related to rule violations, allowed content, etc. as allowed by law.
  2. Discussion of Moderation Actions
    Do not discuss moderation actions and decisions publicly. If you disagree with an action taken by a staff member, you may reach out to that staff member via PM. If you wish to report an alleged misuse of power by a staff member, please contact an administrator.

    Staff members should not discuss users' rule violations and punishments outside of the appropriate channels (i.e. staff-only areas).
  3. Consequences for Rule Violations
    ShotaWorld staff have several options for handling rule violations, depending on the severity of the situation and past violations. It is up to the staff member handling the rule violation to determine the best consequence.

    The following are some but not all consequences a user may face for breaking the rules.
    • Offending posts or topics may be deleted
    • Users may receive warnings
    • Users who continuously push the boundaries may be given additional, stricter rules. In such a case, all additional rules will be clearly stated.
    • Users may receive temporary or permanent bans
    All punishments should be assumed final. We allow appeals if you feel that your punishment was too harsh for the violation that was committed, or if you disagree that a violation was committed in the first place.
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